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Submissions about DA/437/2021 are now being accepted by Council – closing date 1 May 2023.

Email: Subject line: to include DA437/2021 and 212 Arden Street Coogee

Council will only consider an objection if it is “unique” - with your own words and content. Following are some points for consideration but also below are links to key documents to inform your submissions.

This amended DA includes changes reflecting some of the community concerns as outlined in the numerous objections and presentations to the Planning Panel and the Land and Environment Court. However, had this version of the DA been presented originally it would still have caused deep concern for the community. These concerns include but are not limited to the following.

  • The original proposal was for a flat built form extending some 80m along Vicar Street to a height of 23.2M. The new proposal is for two blocks of elevation with a gap (at 12m elevation) between. One block takes in the site of the present Boutique Hotel (South residential wing) and the other is set back from Coogee Bay Road (North residential wing). The former has a flat roof height of 21.35m. The latter is 16.79m. Both these heights far exceed the height limit of 12m for the foreshore zone. It is not known at this stage what the impact of this amended proposal will be on the views from many private homes West, North and South of the site. However, this elevated built form will visually dominate from the foreshore, the promenade, the beach, the water and the headlands. The Eastern elevation plan (see listed below) shows the South residential wing as an expanse of 3.5 levels above the 2 storey heritage hotel, dwarfing it and extending all the way to the Southern boundary of the site. Further, the North residential wing rises 2 levels above the 2 storey heritage hotel and 1-2 levels above the 3 storey heritage hotel building. This Eastern elevation plan clearly shows the severe visual impact on the immediate foreshore area and is the fundamental issue with this proposal. By contrast the Artistic representation, also listed below, shows a glimpse of just 2 levels of the South residential wing behind the 2 storey heritage hotel and the North residential wing is not visible at all. This is in conflict with the impact as shown in the Eastern elevation plans.

  • The amended DA refers to the loss of 8 x 2 storey residential rental units resulting from the demolition of 3 buildings. Local residents are aware of 40 residential units in these 3 buildings. Whatever the figure, there are long term residents living in these buildings. Any proposal to demolish these buildings should be accompanied by provision of temporary accommodation during building works and of affordable housing in the new complex or close-by for these long term residents.

  • The DA refers to a loss of 8 trees in the south east corner of the site. The Arborist report refers to these trees as being in good condition and of medium to high retention value. Some of these Washington Palms are 100 years old having been planted in a beautification project for the Coogee foreshore in the 1920s. Washington Palms still feature in the bay, and where they occur in public places, they are on the Randwick Significant Tree Register. Those on the hotel site are of equal value and have been noted to be of heritage value in earlier heritage reports on the hotel site.

  • The original roofline of the1880s 2 storey heritage hotel building is now retained, as is the 1914 façade of the former bank building and the heritage look and scale of the Robertson wing on Coogee Bay Road. Also safe is the current height profile to Coogee Bay Road with its predominantly 1-3 storey built form - this should safeguard the beautiful and uplifting symmetrical view of the bay when coming down Coogee Bay Road. However it is a concern that the art deco 3 storey building on Vicar Street is to be demolished.

  • The SEE refers to an increase in size of the Gaming Room but with no increase in machines. This undertaking is welcome but would need to be formalised.

  • The Traffic study does not include data from the summer months. Arden Street is at a standstill through the summer holidays and summer weekends. The DA provides for 169 parking spaces (91 residential, 54 for the 11 new food and retail outlets, 16 for the pub) - an increase of 159 compared with the present. The traffic to and from these 169 parking spaces would add to the traffic congestion on Arden Street and the intersections with Coogee Bay Road and Carr Street. The fact that there will be no egress from the site to Vicar Street is welcome but the impact on Arden Street is a serious concern especially as it is a major road and carries significant emergency vehicle traffic.   

  • The 11 new food and retail outlets will compete with similar offerings in Coogee Bay Road and, Arden Street. The strip of Coogee Bay Road from Brook Street to Arden Street is a vital element in the widely acknowledged village atmosphere of Coogee. The retention of this village atmosphere is a requirement of the Local Character Statement for the Coogee Town Centre – something ignored in the DA. To have Coogee Bay Road turn into the dead heart of Coogee is not a desirable outcome.

  • The amended DA proposes a 3 storey block of 15 new hotel rooms facing Arden Street south of the beer garden. Whilst this complies with the 12 metre height limit, it would have a deleterious visual impact from the foreshore. This location is currently open space allowing the sky to dominate the view from the foreshore. A building this high and close to the Arden Street frontage would also serve to close in the heritage hotel building and detract from its still largely original presentation. 

  • There may be unacceptable noise impacts on the bedrooms of 230 Arden Street arising from the outdoor area along the southern boundary. The plans are not clear about this.

From the team at Keep Coogee a Village. 9 April 2023

Key documents (click to download):

Submissions: by 1 May 2023.


Subject line: DA number (DA437/2021) and address (212 Arden Street Coogee)

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You can also take action by signing the petition calling for the Coogee Bay Hotel site to be "12m and no more."

Photograph courtesy of Alice Han

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