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We are a group of Coogee residents who do not wish to see the low scale beauty of Coogee bay gazumped by mega development.

A building 23.3m high and extending along Vicar Street and then down Coogee Bay Road to the hotel, would be a massive impost on a hitherto low rise, low scale precinct. It would loom above Coogee Bay Road, dwarf the 2 storey mostly federation buildings on the other side of Coogee Bay Road, destroy the heart stopping ocean vista as you come down Coogee Bay Road, dominate the 2 storey heritage hotel from the foreshore and headlands, add to the traffic congestion and parking woes in Coogee and the list goes on.

If Randwick Council gives the go ahead to this gross exceedance of the zoning rules, there will be a domino effect. The other side of Coogee Bay Road will also go up as will Arden Street to the oval.

A building of this height would block the late afternoon sunshine on the foreshore park and beach. 

Five Washington Palms planted in the 1920s will be removed from the south eastern corner of the site. 

The roof of the Heritage hotel will be lowered and flattened to improve the views of the proposed units. This building with its 1870s roofline, has been a Coogee landmark for 150 years. 

Coogee as we know and love it will be gone. The oldest seaside village will become another Surfers Paradise. 

That is why we have taken on the task of having this proposal rejected by Council and the Eastern Sydney City Planning Panel.

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