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Submissions about the amended proposal close 1 May 2023. Information is on the 'Action' page. 

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Coogee Village: 12m and no more

PLEASE NOTE: As of March 2023 amended plans have been submitted and there is now a consultation proces. Information will  be posted to assist with submissions after Easter. In the meanwhile keep in touch by Facebook - Coogee Bay Hotel 12M and no more.

This web site has been created as a resource for the community to help protect and ensure the ongoing application of the 12 metre height limit for Coogee Village.

The campaign 12m and no more is a response to a Development Application lodged by Cotton Development Management Pty Ltd. DA 437/2021 proposes an “integrated development for demolition of buildings, works to the Coogee Bay Hotel, construction of a 6 storey shoptop housing development comprising business premises with supermarket, public laneway, basement parking, 60 residential units, subdivision, landscaping and associated works."

The proposed development has evinced a groundswell of opposition from the local community and others who love Coogee for its low-scale friendly look and feel. Coogee is known and loved by many for the beauty of the small bay and natural headlands and its village atmosphere. 

Coogee was proclaimed a village in 1838. Coogee has proudly owned that description ever since and its 

village atmosphere is celebrated by residents, visitors and local business alike. In 2009, Keep Coogee a Village, was the name of the community campaign against proposals for high rise on the same site. We honour that slogan with this web site. 

The DA will be assessed by the state government Eastern Sydney City Planning Panel after an initial assessment by Randwick City Council.

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29 July 2021: Coogee Bay Hotel site -12M and no more Facebook group 

1 August: 12m-and- no- more community petition launched

27 August: Petition 2,500 names

29 August: Launch of campaign web site

9 September: Petition 4,000 names 

10 September: Objections close - over 400 objections lodged with Randwick Council 

17 November: Randwick Council Planning Report recommends refusal

16 December: Meeting Eastern Sydney City Planning Panel (ESCPP). The public addressed the Panel. Matter deferred

17 February 2022: Second meeting of ESCPP - matter further deferred

1 May: Petition 8,570 names

18 May: Conciliation Hearing of Land and Enviroment Court (LEC) onsite. Public addressed the Panel. Matter deferred

1 July:  LEC Hearing with applicant and Council. Matter further deferred 

1 August: LEC Hearing. Matter further deferred

26 September: Amended plans received by Randwick Council which has until 18 October to review.

18 October: Next Hearing of LEC (not public)

Various closed hearings of LEC

16 March 2023: amended plans submitted to RCC - consultation  

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